Dave Stone

Oregon State University Food Innovation Center

Dave Stone, Ph.D., is the director of the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center. Dr. Stone is an associate professor with the Department of Food Science and Technology. Trained as a toxicologist, Dr. Stone’s work focuses on understanding the risks posed by chemicals to public and environmental health, effective methods of risk communication, and novel approaches to risk assessment. In his current role, Dr. Stone is working with staff to provide relevant services to the food industry and entrepreneurs, particularly around food safety. Prior to this, Dr. Stone was the director of the National Pesticide Information Center at OSU, as well as a state toxicologist for the Oregon Health Division.

Dr. Stone has served on a National Academies Expert Panel, engaged with numerous community groups, industry stakeholders, NGOs and governmental agencies through his Extension Appointment, taught several courses and mentored numerous students. He holds a BS from the University of Texas at Austin, a MS from the University of North Texas and PhD from Oregon State University.