Conservation that’s Grounded in Results

Willamette Partnership helps build collaborative solutions to complex conservation problems.

Our work is focused on building resilience, both in natural ecosystems and in the communities that depend on them. Our approach is rooted in a strong sense of place and community, and it depends on contributions from a diverse coalition of partners from the worlds of conservation, business, government, agriculture, and science.

We believe that solutions to many of our seemingly intractable conservation problems are within reach. Here’s what we need to make it happen:

Clearly defined goals – What does success look like?

Tools to target efforts and track progress – How can we make the best use of limited resources, and how will we know whether we’re succeeding?

The right catalyst – How can we align social, economic, legal, and political drivers to make sure solving the problem makes sense for everyone?

Our expertise in policy, technical and science support, and stakeholder processes helps our partners address these gaps and build a clear path forward. Today we’re bringing that expertise to help tackle complex problems across the western United States.

Our History

The Willamette Partnership is grounded in results and rooted in a commitment to place. Our history is an important part of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Our Stories

Our shared stories show a path for going beyond minimizing or improving upon our most complex and difficult conservation problems to actually fixing them.


Our services are mission-driven and are designed to help communities build their own capacity to improve conservation outcomes.