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EPA Targeted Watershed Grant

Project Purpose and Objectives

  • Develop the technical and legal framework needed to facilitate exchanges of ecosystem service credits that improve ecological health and sustainability in the Willamette Basin.
  • Develop a framework for ecosystem service credit trading and banking that:
    • is trusted by regulated parties, private land managers, regulatory agencies, and the public
    • meets specific TMDL objectives for reducing temperature in the Willamette River
    •  drives investments to restoration actions that provide the greatest environmental return to the Willamette watershed
    • provides financial incentives for land managers to restore priority areas on a coordinated schedule
    • is capable of facilitating transactions in a variety of ecosystem service credit types that address a full suite of ecological values


Project Status

  • Active since April 2006.
  • Demand for temperature off-credits in the Willamette Basin is well understood and documented.
  • Ecological restoration activities that will improve habitat temperature conditions for cold water dependent fish species are known and priority areas for restoration have been documented.
  • Performance and measurement standards for restoration activities that will generate temperature off-set credits have been established for streamside restoration, wetland restoration, and flow augmentation
  • The infrastructure needed to enable and encourage efficient and credible credit transactions has been designed and a functional prototype to facilitate trades is currently under construction
  • A transaction for temperature credits created from streamside restoration has been identified and a buyer and seller stakeholder team is drafting credit exchange templates that will be used in this and other credit transactions.
  • It is anticipated projects that will generate temperature credits will be registered and ready for sale by June 2008


Project Supporters

Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Associated Oregon Industries
Oregon Business Council
Oregon Business Association
Willamette Riverkeeper
Oregon Environmental Council
Defenders of Wildlife
Clean Water Services
City of Albany
City of Salem
City of Eugene
City of Portland
Oak Lodge Sanitary District
Oregon Association of Conservation Districts
University of Oregon Institute for a Sustainable Environment
Oregon State University
Portland State University
Wildwood Mahonia
Heritage Seedlings, Inc.
Conifer Group
American Heritage Rivers Initiative 




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