Willamette Partnership works with partners to fit conservation solutions to local economic, environmental, and social dynamics. Our services are mission-driven and are designed to help communities build their own capacity to improve conservation outcomes. All of the services we provide accommodate multiple levels of engagement – we can get you started, advise you along the way, help catalyze action, or lead from program scoping through design and operation.

Ecosystem Accounting

We create tools, programs, and processes to track and communicate the benefits of conservation through:

  • Design of market-based and incentive programs;
  • Development of quantification methods and tracking systems;
  • Science synthesis, translation, and application; and
  • Reporting for regulatory or incentive programs.

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Building Capacity

We build the capacity of communities to solve complex conservation problems through:

  • Support in building and maintaining collaborative processes;
  • Trainings and guidance on quantifying ecosystem services and building market-based programs; and
  • Policy analysis and development of innovative policy concepts.

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Operational Support

We help ensure rigorous management of market-based and incentive programs through:

  • Business, operations, and governance planning for transparent and credible management;
  • Training and accreditation for verifiers and program administrators;
  • Oversight for program administration and tracking and accounting; and
  • Support for program evaluation and adaptive management.

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Our Stories

Our shared stories show a path for going beyond minimizing or improving upon our most complex and difficult conservation problems to actually fixing them.

Market Tools & Rules

The Willamette Partnership oversees the Ecosystem Credit Accounting System, a package of protocols, tools, and resources that allow buyers and sellers to track, account, and trade in multiple types of ecosystem credits.