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Protocols, Tools and Templates

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Protocols, Tools, and Templates
Temperature Credit Calculator
Registry Demo Intro text.pdf
Synthesis Map.pdf
Synthesis Map 2009
Validation Checklist for Projects Eligible to Generate and Use Credits
Validation Checklist for Impacts/Debit Projects
General Crediting Protocol
The basic process and framework to develop, sell, and buy ecosystem credits.
General Crediting Protocol
Verification Protocol
Confidential Business Guidlines
Agreement in Concept
Conflict of Interest Code
old forms
old versions of ECAS forms
Validation Checklist _ 2013 04 01
Validation Notice_2012 08 14
Validation notice is issued by Willamette Partnership, documenting that the project will likely be eligible to generate credits.
Verification Report_2013 02 27
The verification report is generated by the third-party verifier, signifying that eligibility documentation, credit calculation, and the project site have been reviewed and found consistent with ECAS standards.
Certification_2012 09 24
Certification signifies that all paperwork is in order and credits are ready to be issued.
Approval of Sale_2013 10 03
Approval to transfer credits between parties on Markit
Conflict of Interest Form_2012 12 19
This form is filled out by the third-party verifier to disclose any potential conflicts of interest between themselves and the project developer. A COI form is also filled out by Willamette Partnership.
Project Design Document_2013 04 01
The Project Developer submits a Project Design document with their Validation Check-list to describe the project context and intended project activities
Stewardship and Monitoring Plan Template_2012 10 23
Guidelines on appropriate information to include in a project stewardship and monitoring plan
Stewardship and Monitoring Plan Example_2012 10 23
Mock Stewardship and Monitoring Plan
Addenda on Reserve Pool_2011 02 02
Draft Riparian Planting Standards_2011
Klamath Tracking and Accounting Program (KTAP)
Tools, templates, and Protocols for KTAP
Conflict of Interest Code 2014

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