Alaí Reyes-Santos
Alai Reyes-Santos

Alaí Reyes-Santos (she/her), Adjunct Faculty since 2022 | Bohio Cibanani

Dr. Alaí Reyes-Santos joins Willamette Partnership as our first Adjunct Faculty member, complimenting her many roles: leading her own nonprofit Bohio Cibanani, teaching as a Professor of Practice at the University of Oregon’s School of Law, and serving as the Associate Director of the PNW Just Futures Institute for Climate and Racial Justice. She is also the founder of ACC, a BIPOC-led consulting firm that facilitates organizational transformations and community engagement in the non-profit sector, government, higher ed, and social and environmental justice organizations, and serves on Oregon’s Racial Justice Council‘s Environmental Equity Committee.

The WP team first met Alaí through the Oregon Water Futures project, and her collaborative leadership style, commitment to centering community, and strong advocacy on water justice issues led us to continue growing our work together. She is a highly valued partner, mentor, and friend. The way she works is firmly and visibly rooted in a strong intention: I do this work to fulfill a sacred role, to sustain all life in this precious home we call Earth.” 

Alaí’s training as an Iya, water priestess, and founder of the AfroIndigenous ceremonial community Ilé Estrella de los Mares, informs how she leads research and conversations about social violence, power, and solidarity as community healing processes. Her expertise in meditation practice is another key way she works to support individuals engaged in processes of self- and community healing and empowerment, throughout academia, health care, public service, social and environmental justice advocacy, and the arts. 

She co-leads as a member of the Oregon Water Futures Collaborative contributing to the articulation of a water justice agenda in the state and nationwide. 

Dr. Reyes Santos completed her BA in Humanities at University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez; and her MA and PhD at University of California, San Diego.