Emerson Ringger

Partner, Community Water Solutions

To Emerson Ringger (she/her), water is the essence of life. As the Partner in Community Water Solutions, she synergizes her technical background with her passion for people and nature to innovate equitable, sustainable solutions to water infrastructure and conservation challenges. In her experience as a water resources and urban planning engineer for the Chicagoland area, she often saw disinvested communities, diverse perspectives, and a respect for nature left out of important planning decisions.

At Willamette Partnership, she aims to bring people of all backgrounds to the table when it comes to water conversations in order to derive holistic, just, and environmentally conscious courses of action. She holds a Masters in Environmental and Ecological Engineering from Purdue University. As a Midwestern native, she is constantly awestruck by and eager to explore the Pacific Northwest landscape, rain or shine.

“Nature has always been my best teacher, inspiration, and source of clarity. I am passionate about using my privilege to give back to the environment for all these gifts and helping communities form mutually beneficial relationships with nature.”