Clare McLean
Portrait of Clare McLean, 2022 Willamette Partnership Communications Fellow

WP Alum | Fellow, Communications

Clare McLean is a communications professional and avid citizen scientist, with a particular passion for birds, native plants, fungi, and protecting the habitats which sustain them.

She grew up in Eugene, Oregon, surrounded by oaks, and is honored to be contributing to and learning from Willamette Partnership as its 2022 Communications Fellow. The ten-week fellowship will give her a solid foundation as she transitions from the for-profit sector toward environment-focused communications work.

Clare recently received a degree in sustainable landscape management/horticulture (Edmonds College, WA) and completed a communications internship at the University of Washington Botanic Gardens. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies from Sarah Lawrence College.

“The more I learned about the benefits of sustainable land management and ecosystem functions in college, the more determined I became to use my communications expertise in service of the environment upon graduation.”