Lynny Brown (she/her)

Lynny Brown (she/her), Partner since 2019 | Healthy Environments

Growing up in densely populated Bangkok, Lynny found serenity and healing in the small green space at her apartment complex. This experience of access to nature drives her work: to improve people’s well-being by connecting them to healthy environments.

Lynny provides collaborative leadership, policy expertise, and coordination support for projects at the intersection of health and the environment. She works to center community voices while providing the structure needed to keep diverse groups moving forward together. 

Lynny draws from her master’s degree in public health and community organizing experience to initiatives such as the Oregon Water Futures Collaborative, Oregon Health & Outdoors Initiative, and Oregon Rural Community Schoolyards. She is an alumna of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)’s Climate, Health, and Housing Institute and joins a strong cohort of community leaders organizing for systemic change to address the root causes of environmental justice issues.

“Our communities have creative ideas about how to improve well-being and wisely steward the environment for a healthier future.”