Raeann Gervais
Raeann Gervais

Raeann Gervais (she/her), Fellow since 2023, Environmental Biologist

I am from the beautiful, twin-island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. We have a rich and vibrant culture and are known for our pristine beaches, delicious food, Carnival, and coral reefs. While I am enjoying Oregon, I have two budgies (parakeets) back home, Kiki and Kiwi, whom I miss a lot.

At Willamette Partnership, I am a Fellow assisting with the Oregon Water Futures project and providing support to the Environmental Justice Technical Assistance Center. Additionally, I am delving into other projects within Willamette Partnership to expand my knowledge.

I recently graduated from the University of the West Indies, with a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology. I am an environmental enthusiast and a believer of sustainable practices. I get immense joy in pursuing the field of environmental science. I turned vegetarian a few years ago to reduce my carbon footprint and to mitigate the impact of my actions on the planet. I am thrilled to combine my passion for the environment and my skills in research, analysis, and management to contribute positively to our delicate ecosystem, and I am eager to make a meaningful impact in this field.

Blog: https://aplasticfreelife.blogspot.com/