Tess Malijenovsky
Tess Malijenovsky, willamette partnership staff

WP Alum | Communications Manager

Tess Malijenovsky worked on sharing the impact of Willamette Partnership’s innovative approach to restoration and conservation as the Communications Manager. She managed Willamette Partnership’s websites and oversaw print and digital content for the organization, including its e-newsletters, Counting on the Environment Blog, and social media on Twitter and LinkedIn. Tess Malijenovsky also spearheaded Honoring Our Rivers, a program encouraging river stewardship by engaging the creative capacities of young people. Honoring Our Rivers: A Student Anthology publishes student (K-college) artwork, photography, and creative writing related to rivers and watersheds of the Pacific Northwest annually and hosts student readings and art exhibitions. The program also promotes outdoor environmental education by providing training workshops, a free online toolkit, and assistance on integrating art and writing into educational curricula. In addition to her role as communications manager, Tess chipped in on operations, from office management to putting on Willamette Partnership’s annual fundraiser event.

Before moving to Oregon, Tess Malijenovsky was the assistant editor and a staff writer for an award-winning news site covering North Carolina’s coastal environment, Coastal Review Online. She received a B.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Outside of work, you can find Tess exploring the Pacific Northwest wilderness with her camera.