annual report cover 2013Annual Report (2013)

The Partnership is charging forward with its strategy of demonstrating successful approaches to conservation, linking those successes across diverse geographies and ecosystems, and beginning to stitch together a vision of the steps needed to expand the pace, scope, and effectiveness of conservation. In 2012, we put a lot of elements in place to support that strategy.

We welcomed John Miller as the new president of the Partnership’s Board of Directors, moved our offices to the banks of the Willamette River, grew our staff from three to six people, and built the organizational capacity needed to influence conservation efforts across the West.

You’ll see in this year’s report that in the midst of these transitions, the Partnership has also spun out a number of significant success stories. Whether helping a county race to get out ahead of disappearing prairie or verifying the first miles of restored riparian area, the Partnership continues in its ability to help diverse interests mold solutions to complex problems. Most importantly, the Partnership has grown its ability to operate and adaptively manage ecosystem markets and incentive programs in the locales it supports.

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