Willamette Partnership Annual Report 2013-2014

annual report 2014 coverIt’s been an amazing year for Willamette Partnership, a year of building the foundations for bigger, better, and faster conservation outcomes. This year’s annual report tells how Willamette Partnership and its partners are putting the pieces together and laying the groundwork for conservation that benefits both ecosystems and people.

The Partnership’s work in Thurston County, Washington to support the acquisition of 140 acres of new prairie conservation area and in the Willamette Valley to develop plans to conserve and restore native prairie as part of the new Salmon Safe plus program are just a couple of the ongoing projects that have been grounded in results.

You will also read about how we have continued to focus on packaging lessons learned from nearly a decade of work on ecosystem markets and incentives. Publications include the Draft Regional Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest on Water Quality Trading, General Protocol v 2.0, and the Prairie Habitat Assessment Methodology.

As we move into 2015, the Partnership will drive for a greater depth of engagement and more significant on-the-ground conservation outcomes in some of the places we work. Some of the work you can look forward to in the new year are novel approaches to habitat conservation and the development of science and policy tools for integrated floodplain management.

Please click here to read the full report.


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