Building Community through Collaboration

Annual Report 2021

By Willamette Partnership Staff


Remember 2020? It was hard. We did our best to learn and adapt, but the change was rapid and complex. Sometimes we had to pause work that was important to us. Amidst it all, we honed new skills and found both opportunities and limitations in the virtual environment. 

2021 has been challenging, too, but we at WP feel like we’ve found a new footing and relaunched with new ways of working, connecting, learning, and being. As part of this process of change and adaptation, we’ve learned a lot about who we are, and why

In a time of isolation, we learned a lot about why partnership is at the core of everything we do. As we’ve watched the cascading effects of COVID on the people and places we love, we both reaffirmed and refocused our commitment to working in ways that build community. Every step of the way, we were reminded of the importance of helping people and nature reconnect and nurture each other.

WP is starting 2022 with a new team, a new mission, a new website, a new office, and a new sense of how important it is to do our work and do it right. We’re ready to dig into whatever challenges this crazy new year might bring…and we’re sure glad to have you by our side.

Check out our Annual Report 2021: Building Community through Collaboration

Emily Irish believes that in order to be good collaborators, we have to be good communicators. With this in mind, she brings technical graphic design and visual storytelling to Willamette Partnership's outreach and engagement. Managing the Partnership's digital and print content including the website, e-newsletter, Counting on the Environment Blog, social media, and design content.


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