Building a Tracking and Accounting Program

building a tracking and accounting program cover willamette partnershipBuilding a Tracking and Accounting Program

Read “Building a Tracking and Accounting Program.”

A how-to guide for groups seeking to track and account for the conservation and restoration investments within their watershed, or other areas of interest.

These lessons come largely from the development and implementation of the Klamath Tracking and Accounting System (KTAP), which has been operating since 2010. Examples from KTAP are included throughout this guide, and more information can be found in the KTAP Case Study. The current version of the program took about 18 months to develop. Prior to that, four additional years were spent on a previous version that in some ways still exists, but in other ways failed to ever really find its feet. In light of that history, this document is as much about what to do as it is about what not to do. It comes from a place of intense optimism around the idea that what gets measured gets done, and that by tracking investments in our environment and continuing to ask what we are getting for our money, we will ultimately achieve desired outcomes more quickly and at a lower cost.

Read the Building a Tracking and Accounting Program how-to guide.


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