Clean Water Project Manager Job Announcement

Opening: March 1, 2017 | Closing: April 1, 2017

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Willamette Partnership’s Clean Water program is focused on ways to meet the water quality needs of
ecological and human communities by investing in the protection and restoration of the natural systems.
As part of this endeavor, we coordinate and facilitate the National Network on Water Quality Trading
(National Network,, a network of stakeholders that work collaboratively on innovations
in policy, science, and practice that can achieve clean water goals in a flexible, cost-effective, and
ecologically appropriate way. In the next year, the National Network will be focusing on stimulating
demand for water quality improvement across sectors.

The Clean Water Project Manager will lead the National Network effort on behalf of the Partnership. This

• Facilitating the National Network Steering Committee,
• Strategy and work plan development for the Network, including activities/products that can
stimulate market demand for water quality improvements in the utility, corporate, and public
• Planning and executing stakeholder workshops,
• Developing communication materials, and
• Conducting outreach to inspire uptake of national best practices for water quality trading.

This position is also expected to support other program and organizational priorities, which may include:

• Setting the direction, strategies, and goals of the Clean Water program and the organization as
a whole;
• Grant and contract management;
• Design and facilitation of stakeholder processes;
• Research and/or development of science and policy tools to align watershed restoration with
regulatory compliance programs or financing mechanisms;
• Communications related to Partnership projects, including website content, blog posts,
handouts, etc.; and
• Representing the Partnership in public speaking opportunities.
The ideal candidate is a critical, analytical, and creative thinker; an excellent communicator; comfortable
developing new project opportunities and maintaining a network of partnerships and professional

Read the full Clean Water Project Manager Job Announcement.


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