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Oregon Health &
Outdoors Initiative

Getting more people outside more often for their health.




Spending time in nature is a reliable and affordable way to improve one’s well-being. But, not everyone has equal access to the outdoors. We’re working to help more people experience the health benefits of nature. Explore our initiatives below.




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Oregon Health & Outdoors Initiative

A team of health, business, and environmental organizations is acting to increase access to green space and get a greater diversity of people outdoors for their health.



Bringing a Health Lens to Multiple Sectors

We’re working with cities, water utilities, environmental groups, and other sectors that haven’t been traditionally engaged in the health care industry to improve outcomes for both public health and the environment.


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Wingspread Declaration

In 2014, leaders from health, academia, and nature-focused nonprofits gathered to sign the Wingspread Declaration, an affirmation to better connect people to nature. 


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