Infra-Next handout coverInfrastructure Next: Fostering 21st Century Innovation & Job Skills


Infrastructure can be the backbone of strong economies, vibrant communities, and a resilient environment. Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI), Willamette Partnership, and Portland State University have formed a partnership aimed at innovative investments and job skills for infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Project Scope

The CSI Innovation Lab will provide technical assistance to communities actively working through innovative infrastructure investments like industrial water reuse, developing a smarter power grid, or rethinking transportation systems. The Innovation Lab’s value planning and data visualization assistance tools will help communities rethink projects, plan smarter, and build capacity.

The Infrastructure NEXT team will also conduct a comprehensive water workforce needs assessment that utilities, colleges, and job training programs can use to make sure the region’s workforce is prepared for these stable, high-paying jobs. The assessment, anticipated early 2019, will identify high demand skill sets, highlight existing workforce programs, and explore strategies for creating a high-school-to-jobs pipeline for sustainable design, construction, maintenance, and leadership positions of tomorrow.

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