Infrastructure NEXT Progress Report March 2019

Infrastructure NEXT Progress Report #2

March 2019


Infrastructure can be the backbone of strong economies, vibrant communities, and a resilient environment. Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI), Willamette Partnership, and Portland State University have formed a partnership aimed at innovative investments and job skills for infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Task 1 – Technical assistance

The Infrastructure NEXT team has initiated technical assistance with eleven communities across Oregon and Washington. Each effort is at a different phase with some completed and others still underway.

Task 2 – Workforce needs assessment

The Infrastructure NEXT team delivered a workforce needs assessment to over 200 water utilities across Oregon and Washington. Thanks to early outreach, the survey got wide distribution of the survey through agencies, utility networks, and professional associations. The survey results will be shared in the coming months, leading to a final report with clear recommendations for supporting the best and brightest in joining the Northwest’s water workforce.

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