infrastructure next, eda, progress reportInfrastructure NEXT Progress Report #1

Reporting Period: Oct. 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018


Infrastructure can be the backbone of strong economies, vibrant communities, and a resilient environment. Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI), Willamette Partnership, and Portland State University have formed a partnership aimed at innovative investments and job skills for infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

Task 1 – Technical assistance

The Infrastructure NEXT team has initiated technical assistance with nine communities across Oregon and Washington. Each effort is at a different phase with some well underway or even completed and others in the early scoping phase.

Task 2 – workforce needs assessment

The Infrastructure NEXT team has conducted a literature review and extensive outreach across both states to utilities, state agencies, professional associations, workforce experts, community colleges, and others to understand their workforce challenges. A draft survey will be pre-tested with a select group of utilities in the next two months, followed by wide distribution of the survey through agencies, utility networks, and professional associations. […]

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