Integrated Floodplain Management Fact Sheet

Integrating the Science, Policy, and Tools for Floodplain Markets and Incentives

Effective floodplain management can create unique opportunities for communities and landowners interested in conserving and restoring floodplain functions. Improved floodplain management can bring ecological, economic, and social benefits, but it requires tools that can help navigate the regulatory and scientific complexity surrounding floodplains.

Willamette Partnership is working with local governments, state agencies, private landowners, local conservation implementation groups, and others to find better ways to leverage and create incentives for these opportunities. The Partnership is leading an initiative to combine the best available science with innovative policy approaches, to create a package of tools that urban and rural communities (including governments, landowners, and conservation implementation groups) can use to better manage their floodplains.

Read the two-page fact sheet on integrated floodplain management.


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