Lime with Raeann

A series of insights and learnings from a WP Fellow

By Raeann Gervais


Welcome to Lime with Raeann! This blog series is dedicated to sharing my experiences exploring Oregon and what I have learned while being a fellow at Willamette Partnership. I’ll be taking a Trini perspective on sustainability and environmental justice topics. My name is Raeann Gervais, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on this journey. 

With a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology, my passion for the environment and all its wonders runs deep. I am an environmental enthusiast and a believer in sustainable practices. I get immense joy in pursuing the field of environmental science.

But this blog series is more than just a platform for sharing knowledge and insights. It’s a space where I hope to recreate the feeling of liming, a word commonly used in Trinidad and Tobago, where I am from. Liming refers to hanging out with friends, enjoying each other’s company, and engaging in lively conversations. 

Through my blog series, I want you to feel as though you’re liming with me, discussing and exploring the wonders of nature as if we were old friends catching up on our latest adventures. Together, let’s uncover the hidden treasures and untold stories that make our planet so extraordinary.

Meet Raeann!

Raeann Gervais

Raeann Gervais is an Environmental Biologist Fellow for Willamette Partnership. Over the next several weeks, she’ll be sharing her Trini perspective on sustainability and environmental justice topics that the Partnership works on. Keep an eye out for her blog series this Fall 2023!

Why lime? 

Transformative sustainability and environmental justice is going to take all of us working together over multiple generations. Much of the work is extremely urgent and challenging, yet a true paradigm shift also requires us to share knowledge, experience, and ideas across cultures and between friends over a lime.

Definition of lime

Origin: Trinidad and Tobago

Meaning: In Trinidadian culture, the term “lime” or “liming” refers to a social gathering or hanging out with friends, family, or even acquaintances in a relaxed and leisurely manner. It is an essential part of the Trinidadian lifestyle.

Lime typically involves people coming together to have conversations, share food and drinks, and just enjoy each other’s company. It can take place in various settings, such as someone’s home, a public park, a beach, or even on a street corner. The atmosphere is laid-back, casual, and generally free from any planned activities or formalities.

Unlike the United States concept of going out with friends, which often involves specific plans or activities (which can be a lime), a lime is more about spending quality time together with no specific agenda in mind. It is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and catch up with friends, often for extended periods of time.

In a lime, you might expect to find people engaging in lively discussions about various topics, sharing jokes, stories, and laughter. Trinidadian cuisines, such as roti, doubles, or even a home-cooked meal, are often an integral part of the lime, and drinks like rum or locally brewed beers are commonly enjoyed.

Roti with spinach and pumpkin.

Roti with spinach and pumpkin.

Plate of A doubles

A doubles.

Overall, lime represents a significant aspect of the Trinidadian way of life, emphasizing the importance of communal bonds, socializing, and enjoying the company of others in a carefree and relaxed manner.


(v) Where we limin later? (Where are we liming later?)

(v) We limed on the beach yesterday. 

(v) Lewwe run a next lime tomorrow nah. (Let’s have another lime tomorrow.)



  1. Dexter Lewis 9 months ago

    I truly think this is a beautiful concept of creating a blog by merging a Caribbean perspective to interact, with regards to the environment and its sustainability. It will allow the topic to be discussed in a more relaxed atmosphere on a very serious challenge we face and what we can do as a people to help mitigate some of these foreseeable issues that lays ahead.

    • Sam.I.Am 9 months ago

      Sounds like an Adventure…. ✨

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