Meet the Oak Accord Signatories

Support the businesses and people protecting the Willamette Valley’s oak habitat!


The people and groups who signed the Oak Accord are committed to protecting and restoring oak habitat on their properties. Collectively, their efforts will be key to restoring and sustaining a resilient network of oak habitat across the Willamette Valley, where more than 97% of historic native oak woodlands and savannas have been lost.

The Oak Accord was inspired by these local landowners’ vision that management of vineyards and of forestland takes place in harmony with healthy, sustainable oak habitat. The Accord creates a stewardship standard for existing land managers and owners and is also a way to introduce new landowners to the importance of oak woodland conservation.

So, show Oak Accord Signatories some love by supporting their business or simply by saying, “Thanks!” If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a signatory, visit “How to Sign the Oak Accord.”

founding signatories oak accord

Photo: Founding Oak Accord Signatories gather after signing the Oak Accord at Sokol Blosser in March 2017. / Willamette Partnership