Oregon Water Celebration

Oregon Water Celebration

By Bobby Cochran, Lynny Brown, Darren Harold-Golden, Oriana Magnera, and John Audley


Photo provided by Clean Water Services

Dear friends who love water!

Oregon made a $530 million down payment on its water future this legislative session. That kind of action doesn’t happen every day, so we thought it was a pretty good reason to celebrate – especially because so many different people came together to make this happen, and so many people will be needed to make sure these investments bear fruit.

Virtual Event:

August 23 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm via Zoom from anywhere in the state (or the world for that matter);

On Monday, we celebrated virtually, hearing from Rachel Cushman of Chinook Indian Nation, state representatives Owens, Helm and Reardon, WRD’s Tom Byler, Amira Streeter from the Governor’s office, Haley Case-Scott from NAACP Eugene-Springfield and Beyond Toxics, as well as Cheyenne Holliday of Verde.



August 27 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm at Rep. Mark Owens’ farm in Crane, Oregon. 

On Friday, members of the Harney Community-Based Water Collaborative welcomed folks to see groundwater management in action – at the wildlife refuge and on Rep. Mark Owens’ farm. Here are some photos from that time in Harney County. No matter how we use water, water is something that connects us all. Representative Owens remarks, “Thank you for traveling to Harney, listening to the Community, and taking the interest to learn and celebrate with us.”

Photos by Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership and Erika Fitzpatrick, Mesa Communications

These opportunities marked a major historical investment in our future, one that happened through collaboration. We can’t wait to continue to work together across the state to implement this investment in our communities.




Oriana Magnera, Verde
Darren Harold-Golden, Golden Solutions
Lynny Brown & Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership
John Audley, Oregon Business Council


Bobby Cochran led Willamette Partnership's work around building community resilience and innovation. He is passionate about supporting community leaders to move resources from dumb stuff to better stuff - especially when that means clean water, better health, and economic inclusion. Bobby is now with the Rural Community Assistance Partnership. He received a Ph.D./M.A. in Urban Studies/Conflict Resolution from Portland State University.


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