overview nnwqt coverOverview: National Network on Water Quality Trading

What is the purpose of the National Network on Water Quality Trading? What does it do? Who is involved? And, how is it funded? All of these questions and more are answered in this six-page overview.

Read the six-page overview on the National Network on Water Quality Trading.


“Why a National Network on Water Quality Trading?

“Water quality trading (WQT) programs continue to emerge across the country as permittees seek cost-effective compliance alternatives and interested stakeholders seek to accelerate the pace and scale of water quality improvements to meet the goals of the Clean Water Act. WQT programs are still developing, but a considerable base of experience has been assembled on how to build trading programs that are effective and gain support from multiple stakeholders. Successful WQT programs maintain transparency in their methods, ensure real and verifiable pollutant reductions, track and verify projects and credits throughout their lifecycle, rely on sound science, and establish clear lines of responsibility. Establishing a national community of WQT practitioners to articulate shared principles, core trading program design elements, recommendations for implementing and operating trading programs, and lessons learned from experience, will improve consistency and integrity across WQT programs. 1 The information will make it easier to establish WQT programs, provide greater transparency about what WQT programs hope to accomplish, and help WQT programs meet their clean water goals.”


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