The Oregon Water Futures Project is holding a 4-part webinar series as a primer for how water is managed in Oregon, what water justice movements look like across the country, and how we might work together to build a Water Justice Framework for Oregon. See below for webinar recordings and presentations.

 State of Water in Oregon | Wednesday, June 24

In the first webinar, we explore the current water quality and water quantity priorities identified by the Clean Water Act and the State of Oregon, how climate change is shifting rain and snow patterns that our water systems depend on, and invite discussion about what is missing from the typical water policy narrative in Salem. A primer on water rights will lay the groundwork for understanding the limitations of Western Water Law and the power inherent in how those rights are distributed.

Presentation (PDF): English / Español

Resources discussed (PDF): Watered Down Justice by the Natural Resources Defense Council: English / Español

For more information on Oregon’s water systems, check out the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board’s 100 Year Water Vision video series.

Water Justice Movements + Oregon Water Agencies | Wednesday, July 22 at 3pm PT

In our second webinar, we shared several case studies of water justice advocacy across the country and right here in Oregon, highlighting how these water issues evolved, their specific impact on BIPOC communities, and the strategies communities used to push for change.

Presentation (PDF): English / Español

US Water Alliance + Water Foundation Report: Policy Innovations to Secure Drinking Water for All (PDF)
Water Affordability Infographic by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (PNG)
We the People of Detroit Community Research Collective
Harris Thrives Resolution (PDF)

Creating a Water Justice Framework for Oregon | Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 3pm PT

In our third webinar, we talked about what we’re already hearing from communities in Oregon about water justice and shared the outline that the Coalition of Communities of Color is developing for an Oregon-specific Water Justice Framework that we hope to co-develop with you based on our community conversations this fall.

Presentation (PDF): English

Oregon Water Management Agencies | Wednesday, Sep. 16 at 3pm PT

In our fourth webinar, we gave a brief overview of the various public agencies involved in managing different aspects of water in Oregon, from your drinking water to agricultural water to the rivers families play in.

Presentation (PDF): English / Español