Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership

Same great Willamette Partnership, whole new look. The Partnership has evolved a lot since it started 10 years ago. We work with communities across the West, engage in national policy issues, and support problem-solving across a wide range of conservation issues. We wanted a better way to communicate with the people who know us, and with new partners. With help from Peacehaus, the Partnership updates its website, logo, look, and stories. We explored changing the name too, but in lots of conservation with ourselves and our partners, we realized just how deeply meaningful Willamette Partnership is. The name invokes a commitment to community and place—a commitment that we now apply to many places.

The Partnership’s new logo is inspired by our approach—we need partners to achieve a common vision— and our focus on results. The logo is inspired by the Fender’s Blue, an iconic butterfly for our Willamette prairies—a butterfly that is recovering through the common work of landowners, agencies, nonprofits, and business.

Explore the new site, update your links, and let us know if you find anything we can do better. Thanks!