Clean Water

Improving water quality for people and the environment

Water infrastructure investments that work with nature can be the backbone of healthy, equitable communities, vibrant economies, and resilient freshwater and near coastal systems. Willamette Partnership’s Clean Water Program is working to shift policy frameworks so that wetlands, forests, and floodplains can be a bigger part of how we get clean water for natural and human communities.

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National Network on Water Quality Trading

Improving consistency, innovation, and integrity in water quality trading.

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Credit Verification

Making sure the outcomes of river restoration are real.

Pacific Northwest Water Quality Trading Recommendations

Joint Regional Recommendations

The Pacific Northwest’s recommendations on water quality trading.

smarter infrastructure, willamette partnership

(Re)defining Infrastructure

This blog post looks at the ways nature can and should form the basis of our infrastructure system.







Resilient Habitat

Helping the environment thrive for wildlife and people

Resilient habitat is our source of food, shelter, and drinking water in the face of wildfire, flooding, disease, and climate change. Willamette Partnership’s Resilient Habitat Program is building the case for investing in biodiversity to sustain the resiliency of the habitat upon which we depend.

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floodplains, nathan-anderson

Reconnecting Floodplains

Improving communities’ resilience to floods

sage grouse_USFW

Helping Ranchers Save Sage-Grouse

Protecting sagebrush habitat critical to this western bird’s survival.

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Protecting Oregon’s Oaks

Helping Oregon landowners protect threatened white oak habitat

fish passage, coho spawning on salmon river BLM

Restoring Fish Passage

Reopening Oregon rivers for migrating fish







Strategic Integration

Linking different sectors in a common vision

The solutions to our toughest conservation problems require collaboration across the sociological, economic, and political subdivisions of society. Willamette Partnership’s Strategic Integration area is working with a diversity of partners to align the sectors of natural resources, economic development, health care, and equity in a united purpose: measurable improvements in human and environmental health.

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willamette partnership improving health outcomes, strategic integration program

Improving Health Outcomes

Getting more people outside more often for their health

Oregon Health & Outdoor Initiative

Getting people outdoors for their health in Oregon

multi-sector public health providers

Growing Multi-Sector Health Providers

Advancing health through the work of other sectors.

honoring our rivers willamette partnership

Honoring Our Rivers

Celebrating watersheds through student art and creative writing