We collaborate with communities to strategically invest in cost-effective water infrastructure that meets their economic, environmental, and public health challenges today to make communities climate resilient for tomorrow.
Outdoor Preschool
We’re working to advance equity and access to nature-based education programs. Learn more about the safe and meaningful spaces where kids can reap the benefits of being outdoors.
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As a partnership, we work with diverse communities and stakeholders to implement conservation efforts that benefit both people and nature. 

One of our key strengths is our ability to help build solutions that cross traditional boundaries between natural resources management, human health, and community development. Our work revolves around three interconnected initiatives, each overlapping with and supporting the others:

Health & the Outdoors

Ensuring that everyone can access and benefit from thriving green spaces.

We do this work through two paths, healing landscapes and nature-based access for communities. The mission of our Oregon Health & the Outdoors Initiative is to improve health and the environment for all Oregonians by increasing access to and engagement with nature among communities experiencing inequities.


Helping communities find water infrastructure solutions that benefit the environment, human health, and community development.

InfrastructureNext is an approach that gets the most value from infrastructure planning, design, and implementation. It considers a wider range of possible solutions, based on a solid grasp of community values, that address the immediate infrastructure need while finding opportunities to achieve benefits for the environment, community health, and the local economy.

Working Lands Conservation

Empowering more sustainable, collaborative, and equitable approaches to managing working lands.

We are focused on building and supporting a policy framework that provides the tools and incentives to invest in regenerative and conservation-based practices on the landscape with the goal of managing landscapes for food, fiber, clean water, healthy soils, and climate resilience.

Outdoor Preschool

We’re partnering with advocates across the country to develop useful tools to advance outdoor preschool and advocate for systems-level change that center equity.

Oregon Water Futures

The Oregon Water Futures Project is a collaboration between water and environmental justice interests, Indigenous peoples, communities of color, low-income communities, and academic institutions.

Willamette Valley Oak

We’re working with partners across the Willamette Valley to preserve and restore Oregon White Oak. Learn more about these projects.

Chiloquin Green Schoolyard

A coalition of local, national, and tribal partners are teaming up to build a Green Schoolyard at Chiloquin Elementary School.

Pure Water Partners

We’re supporting the Eugene-based Pure Water Partners in their collaborative effort to protect and restore the iconic McKenzie River.

Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan

We’re working in Yaquina Bay to support these communities in defining and working toward their own vision of a resilient future.

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