verification protocol v1 coverVerification Protocol

Version 1.0

This document goes into detail on how credit verification works, how to become a verifier, and ultimately how credits are confirmed and tracked over time in the Ecosystem Credit Accounting System.

The Verification Protocol: Willamette Basin Version 1.0 (Protocol) is meant to provide standardized, specific guidance on the review and assessment of credit and debit projects under the approved currencies described in Version 1.0 of the General Crediting Protocol. Version 1.0 currencies include salmonid habitat, wetlands, upland prairie habitat, and water quality: temperature. The ecosystem credit accounting system requires third party verification of all projects. Third parties include both the lead agencies overseeing regulated markets and third parties accredited by the Market Administrator to verify credits. The Willamette Partnership will act as the Market Administrator for the Willamette River Basin.

The Protocol is designed for those who are doing the verification, but the guidance will also be useful for other market participants. Lead agencies for individual currencies are considered accredited third parties. To become a Market Administrator-approved third-party verifier, an individual1 must successfully complete an application to the Market Administrator and be approved to become an accredited verifier.

See the full Verification Protocol.


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