The Willamette Restoration Strategy: Restoring a River of Life

willamette restoration strategy 2001The Willamette Restoration Strategy: Restoring a River of Life

Recommendations for the Willamette Basin Supplement to the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds

A product of the Willamette Restoration Initiative, Feb. 2001

The Willamette Restoration Strategy was developed by the Willamette Restoration Initiative (WRI). Established by State Executive Order 98-18 in 1998, the WRI is charged with developing a basin-wide strategy to protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat, increase populations of declining species, enhance water quality, and properly manage floodplain areas—all within the context of human habitation and continuing basin growth. The WRI’s Board of Directors was selected to bring together many interests and points of view. The board has cut across organizational, jurisdictional, and geographic boundaries to best serve the overall health of the basin. The resulting Strategy is a holistic, integrated action plan that balances diverse human and ecologic needs.

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