Yaquina Bay

Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan

Communities such as Newport and Toledo and the broader Lincoln County rely on a healthy Yaquina Bay for their quality of life, public health, and a vibrant local economy.

The Yaquina Bay Estuary Management Plan is being updated to help the region better plan for the future. It will address changes in bay conditions and in Lincoln County as well as incorporate projected impacts from climate change. We see an opportunity in Yaquina Bay to support these communities in defining and working toward their own vision of a resilient future and to create a pathway for other coastal communities to plan for changes in climate, the economy, and culture.

How We’re Working With Yaquina Bay

Willamette Partnership is partnering with the University of Oregon Institute for Policy, Research, and Engagement to bring both stakeholder preferences and the best science and data to the plan update process. We are creating a collaborative space for entities such as Lincoln County, the cities and ports of Newport and Toledo, and community members to understand and underscore what values should be reflected in the plan. Everything we do is based on our values that we share with our partners: integrity, the right of people and communities to make their own choices, responsibility for stewardship, social equity as a condition of sustainability, belief in our ability to find common ground, and a joy in contribution.

Our Approach

Our approach for the Yaquina Estuary Management Plan work is modeled off of our estuary management plan update and lessons learned for Coos Bay. Important focal areas include:

  • Digitizing and updating Yaquina Estuary Map information and uses;
  • Incorporating climate change and natural hazard risks into the plan;
  • Using the planning process itself as an opportunity to build connections among Yaquina communities to strengthen a foundation of resilience; and
  • Adding to existing lessons learned/guidance with tools that make it easier for local communities to update estuary plans and lead more of the process themselves.

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