Functioning ecosystems are a
cornerstone of thriving communities.
Learn about our three
focus areas.
We create conservation solutions
that work for people and nature.
We have over 20 years of experience
with market-based conservation
solutions. Learn more.
23 miles of native salmon habitat
restored on the Trask River.
Learn about our smarter
infrastructure solution to
restoring fish passage.
There is a smarter way to
manage our floodplains.
Learn how we are helping Oregon
cities manage floodplains for better
habitat and less flood risk.
Time in nature improves
physical and mental health.
Find out how we are
building greener, healthier
communities across the West.
Landowners protect
over 1,500 acres of oak habitat.
Join the movement to
protect Willamette Valley’s
disappearing oak trees.


At Willamette Partnership, we believe that when nature thrives, so do people.

That’s why we’re helping cities and organizations across the West change how they build infrastructure, protect critical habitat and water sources, and manage farms and forests as a way to strengthen community resilience.

Make a lasting difference in your community by getting involved with Willamette Partnership.


Thanks to the partners and individuals who contributed photography to the homepage slider (from the second slide to the last): Clean Water Services, Bruce Taylor, Bureau of Land ManagementThe Wetlands Conservancy, Ray Perkins / Next Door, Andrea Johnson / Oregon Wine Press